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Role: Programmer
Tools: Unity3D, PlayerIO, FMOD & C#
Date: April - June 2013
Duration: 9 weeks
Client: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Team: 11

The Flock will feature asymmetrical online multiplayer in which players start out as the Flock and need to go in search of the solar capsule, also known as the light artefact. Grabbing the artefact will transform the player into the Carrier.

The dark atmosphere will help making it an engaging, sometimes even scary game. Players will switch roles from hunter and being hunted. This will make it a psychological experience in which players must deal with their weaknesses very carefully and play to their strengths or be outsmarted by other players.

On The Flock, I have only worked on the prototype phase of the game, on Gameplay, Audio, Networking and Optimisation. The team consist of: one game designer, one game programmer, three game artists, two audio designers, four animators.I have used PlayerIO for the networking functionality. I was learning at that time about various networking hosting and PlayerIO felt good to use and not worrying about hosting yourself. There is a small tutorial on my blog where I have wrote about PlayerIO. I have used FMOD with the Sound Designer to create an immersive audio feeling to the game. This allowed us to create more immersive audio and give a more 1-on-1 expectations.

Video Trailer: link

Source Examples:
- Code documentation (Early state)
- Snippet of the project

- Best Student Game (2013) - DutchGameAwards

- Gamescom 2013
- Control Online
- Power Unlimited Magazine (PU)
- and various game review websites.